A Clan That Creates Together Stays Together.

Let us introduce our Clan. We are Exod Studio, a team of gamers based in France, at your service. Discover our adventures on our blog and social networks. Actually, we’re not really a clan, a team or a community. We are a Family of game experts. As a family, we know that the best way to satisfy every member is that everyone participates in the choice of the game.

For The Players, With The Players.

That’s why today we want you to commit in the making of our games and join Exod Studio Family!


The Exod Team

Hélène: "Mother of dragons, I am responsible for making sure that this little world goes straight. Having created the company, I run the company and keep the machine running. By spitting small flames from time to time."

Antonin: "Strategic game designer, I’m at the origin of Jurassic World Miniature Game's game play. I'm also the author of After the End, a post-apocalyptic and futuristic game that will be available soon."

Pierre: "A perilous project? An adventure contract? I am your goblin... The development of your projects will be in good hands."

Natacha: "Human Resources Shaman, I have been responsible for making my little goblins feel good since January 2019. Responsible for the management of these little goblins, I make sure that the relations between them happen without conflict (or almost), but always in a good mood!"

Pierre: "I'm clearly the least wise of all, but by my honest nature, Exod gave me the role of negotiator."

Marion: "Little goblin on the go, I put my little backpack at Exod in April 2019 and started playing with pictures/videos. Now nothing can stop me!"

Gwen: "Little intern Joker in the company since October 2019, I am trained to become, one day, a big and strong goblin Graphic Designer!"